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Andrea and Rob looked around the home that they had built and lived in for more than 30 years and realised that they had a problem.

As they grew older the home wasn’t set up for them in the future.

A choice had to be made, either they could sell their beloved home and buy something that would be more suitable for them, or they could renovate their existing home and adapt it for their future lifestyle.

"The lifestyle we wanted for our future was to be relaxed" - Andrea

With Tim’s help they were able to create the home of their dreams that would enable them to remain where they were in the years to come.

Their ensuite was rebuilt to include a walk-in shower, the bedrooms were made larger for when the children and grandchildren stayed, and a sunroom was added to the house giving them more space and a nice room to be in.

Now with the home that they asked for and needed, they are looking forward to more happy and relaxing days ahead.

Helping You Create Your Dream Home

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